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Why you need to have a Car accident lawyer in Los Angeles

The terrible aftermath of a car accident can be an anxiety-ridden and confusing time. You might be shaken and in shock from the accident itself, and there might be serious injuries that you’ve suffered as the results of someone else’s negligence. Going through an accident doesn’t only involve physical pain, it also involves stress and emotional discomfort as dealing with medical professionals and insurance companies at the same time while moving your life forward could seem like a tough task.

If you are seriously injured, then you might not be able to get back to work while watching your medical expenses multiply exponentially. Depending on the conditions of your accident, you might be eligible for compensation. If you or someone dear to you have been injured in a car crash, then you should call our Car Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles so that we can access your situation and provide you with a comprehensive plan of action.

The alarming rate of car accidents in Los Angeles

With a staggering population of more than 4 million, the city of Los Angeles reportedly has more cars than people living here. When you add approximately 45.5 million annual visitors to Los Angeles County, you will soon see why many consider Los Angles’ traffic as a real-time nightmare.

According to a survey, Los Angeles residents drive around 23 miles per resident, per day, making them rank on the 21st spot among the largest 37 cities. Los Angeles also ranked number one in the nation for the most time stuck in traffic, and LA residents who travel in peak hours are subjected to a total of 72 extra hours behind the wheel every year.

According to the latest analytics:

· 206 total deaths in the year 2016 as a result of traffic accidents in Los Angeles

· 39,708 people injured or killed in the year 2015 on Los Angeles roadways

Why do you need a seasoned Auto Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles?

The other party’s insurance company might offer to pay a minimal amount as settlement for your case, or they might try to make you believe that you’re not eligible to any compensation and will deny your claim in its entirety. Therefore, talking to good lawyers for car accidents at the soonest possible time after the accident could ensure that your rights to compensation under California law are safeguarded.

Whether you suffer a severe injury or minor injuries, that may be soft tissue injuries to your back and neck; we can help you get compensation for your injuries.

Talk to your Car accident lawyer before talking to the insurance company

First things first, you need to understand that insurance companies will try to seek their benefit no matter what the situation is. Therefore, it is always best to talk to a lawyer first. The least you could do is report the accident to your own insurance company while also giving your own insurance company a statement. But you should never speak to them or give a statement to the other party’s insurance company, as they might use your words against you, either to reduce your personal injury claim or to up-front deny your injury claim.

What do you need to do for the initial consultation?

As soon as you hire Los Angeles auto accident lawyer, half your troubles are blown away. Your attorney needs to gather all the important information to access your situation. During the first consultation after the accident, we advise you to bring as much as documented information as possible, it includes:

· Medical bills

· Medical records

· Emergency room records

· Emergency room bills

· Insurance information for both parties to the accident

· Information on the other driver such as the driver’s name, telephone number and address

· Names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses

· Pictures of the accident and your injuries

This is the first step, but if done right, it could prove fruitful in getting your rightly deserved compensation for the damages and injuries you’ve suffered. Finding the right car accident lawyer is crucial for obtaining compensation, and we have some of the best car accident & referral service lawyers in Los Angeles who will make sure that you’re compensated for your loss.

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