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Uber accident lawyer in Los Angeles

At Legal Leaf LRS, we have attorneys who help every victim of Uber accidents. We fight hard to get injury compensation for passengers and Uber drivers of Uber vehicles along with pedestrians and third party drivers who were hit by an Uber. With negligible upfront fees, we offer passionate representation, so don’t pay unless you win!

It’s in your best interest to consult with our Uber accident lawyer in Los Angeles about your case before speaking with an insurance adjuster to Uber. By offering you professional legal assistance, we’ll allow you more leverage in settlement negotiations with Uber, ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve instead of getting lowballed.

Lyft accident lawyer in Los Angeles

Ride-share applications like Lyft offer a helpful service to the residents of the US, but accidents still happen. Whether you’re a passenger or a driver of Lyft, the state offers you the right to seek compensation for any losses and expenses related to injury caused by negligence. Often, victims of accident-related injuries are out of ideas on gathering evidence, filing a claim, and how to proceed. In fact, the idea of negotiating with insurance companies is quite overwhelming too. In your quest to recoup losses, you may find the assistance of a Lyft accident lawyer in Los Angeles an invaluable asset.


At Legal Leaf LRS, we represent a number of clients who have suffered from severe injuries as a result of car accidents. We can help clients work through the legal process.

Workers compensation attorney in Los Angeles

One thing the Legal Leaf LRS’s workers’ compensation attorney in Los Angeles understand is that anyone receiving workers’ compensation or anyone involved in a work-related injury isn’t milking the system; you’re a hard-working and proud individual that has fallen victim to an injury that you weren’t in control of. We’ll not only safeguard your rights but will offer you free representation and advice for your workers’ compensation claim.

As a hardworking individual, it is your right to receive appropriate compensation for your inquiries after being hurt at work. Our workers’ compensation attorneys have assisted many people along with union workers to get the benefits they deserve. We, at Legal Leaf LRS, want to achieve the same for you.

Motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles

You’re loving the breeze while riding your motorcycle in Los Angeles; you’re obeying every traffic law, and, suddenly, another driver badly crashes into you.

Being a motorcycle rider, it’s likely that this scenario will be nightmarish for you. If you’ve already experienced this, you’ll know how financially, emotionally, and physically damaging a motorcycle crash can be.

While your short-term outlook may seem bleak, remember that the state law allows victims of motorcycle collisions to gather compensation for their injuries if the accident that injured them was not their fault.

To offer your claim the maximum chance of success, team up with Legal Leaf LRS’s motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles. We are well-versed with the motorcycle accident injury law and know a thing or two about how to get you the compensation you deserve.


If a truck accident has injured you, whether you were a pedestrian or bicyclist, the truck driver, or the driver of another vehicle, you may be entitled to recover compensation for your injuries. Even if you may partially be at fault, you can bring a legal claim against the other parties involved. Accident liability may be quite complicated, so it may be in your best interest to contact a truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles with experience in the cases of truck accidents.

While a lot of people seeking compensation for a truck accident will choose to file suit in a law court, there are plenty of other options in place that may be more fitting based on the situation. An experienced truck accident attorney can explain a variety of options, determining what choice offers you with the best outcome.


Getting injured can be a scary, and an unpleasant experience. If your injuries are the outcome of another person’s negligent or intentional actions, it becomes even more upsetting. If you believe your injuries are the fault of someone else, a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles can offer you information about your legal options.

The laws of personal injury vary from state to state. Moreover, a lawyer has the tools and experience to interpret and apply those laws to your specific case. The lawyer will also be aware of the proper legal procedures so that the best case is built for you.

If you or someone you know has been injured and you believe that it’s the fault of someone else, you may want to give our personal injury lawyer a try.


Do you think that you lost your job due to some unlawful reason? If yes, claiming for wrongful termination against your former employer is absolutely valid, even if you were fired for a particular cause. Since bringing a wrongful action termination action is a challenging prospect and includes complex legal proceedings, it may be in your best interest to consult with a wrongful termination lawyer in Los Angeles lawyer.

If you think that your termination was wrongful, it’s important that you consult a lawyer. The legal process can be quite challenging and your lawyer can offer you professional advice. If you that that you were discriminated against based on a protected status, you’ll want to learn more by meeting with a wrongful termination lawyer in Los Angeles.


If you have recently suffered from an auto accident, you should appoint an auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles. A skilled car accident attorney can assist you in recovering losses as a result of an auto accident and/or handle the big pile of paperwork, "red tape," along with the challenges associated with filing for car insurance claims. One thing is certain that an experienced car accident attorney can save drivers from owing large monetary damages. They will even appear at the court to help your losses get compensated that are incurred as a result of the accident. These expenses may comprise lost wages, car repairs, medical expenses etc.


Working with an attorney for the first time may seem overwhelming. This is because you don’t want to extend your constrained budget when hiring a legal counsel with years of experience. The employment law suggests that a good car accident attorney can give you peace of mind if you have faced wrongful termination, discrimination, or have been mistreated in any other way.

Generally, there are two kinds of employment attorneys: those who operate on behalf of employers (mostly in case if compliance) and those who work for employees. Therefore, it is important to determine the right employment attorney in Los Angeles.

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