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Aggressive Los Angeles Highway Accident Lawyer

Los Angeles has a vast variety of highways and freeways that are cornerstone of transportation in Los Angeles and Southern California. This makes California accustomed to some of the heaviest highway traffic across the nation. With commuters traveling across a city or from one city to another, highway accidents are all too common.

Frequently, our freeways witness accidents including dangerous highway pile up accidents, car crashes, multi-car crashes, truck jackknifing accident, SUV rollover accident, rear end collision and head on collisions.  These devastating collisions unfortunately often lead to serious injuries that range from broken limbs, spinal cord injury to roadway fatalities and sadly in many cases brain damage.

These are some of the causes of highway accidents:

  • Truck Driver Negligence

  • DUI on the highways including the usage of drugs such as marijuana

  • Defects in the Road: highway improperly maintained, defective repairs and construction

  • Tailgating and Speeding

  • Climactic conditions: many drivers fail to slow down their speeds during rainstorms, snow and sleet or high winds.

  • Distracted Driving including the use of mobile phones and texting

  • Vehicle malfunctions: Vehicle has defected part

  • Low or impaired visibility


A majority of children unfortunately suffer the worst injuries in traffic accidents on highways in Los Angeles because they are usually seated in the back of the vehicle without proper seat belt usage.  If you or family members have suffered a rear end on a highway contact our experienced aggressive Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION at 1-424-256-9055.

Issues Regarding Highway Accidents


When there are two or more vehicles that collide in a highway accident, massive damages and fatalities can easily occur. California in particular has extremely overpopulated freeways and highways which results in a higher likelihood of fatal auto accidents. Due to the congested traffic, high speeds and or low visibility, motor vehicles may have a chance of losing control or be unable to stop, which in essence causes multiple auto accidents and devastating damages..

Highway accidents can result in tragic injury, disability; pain and/or suffering can emotional trauma and distress, property damage, and even death. Furthermore, it can financial impact your medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage which can leave your car in the body shop. An experience and aggressive Highway Accident Lawyer can help you attain the compensation and peace of mind you and your family deserve.

List of California Interstate highways and State Freeways Mostly Used:

Interstate 405 Auto Accidents:

Estimates of 330,000 drivers use the 405 on daily basis. The San Diego Freeway is one the busiest freeways in California.  The 405 bypasses Seattle Washington, Oregon, running from South Orange County up through Los Angeles to the San Fernando Valley where it is merged with interstate 5.

Interstate 10 Traffic Accidents:


Interstate 10, a major east-west Interstate Highway, runs in the U.S. state of California east of Santa Monica, on the Pacific Ocean, through the Los Angeles including Downtown Los Angeles and San Bernardino to the border with Arizona. An estimated of 350,000 car drivers, motorists, truck drivers, and motorcycle riders used the I-10 on a daily basis.


Interstate 5 (I-5)Auto Accidents:


Interstate 5 was originally built in 1956 and is estimated to be 1,381 miles making it a significant artery for the state of California.  Interstate 5 spans to the West Coast, originating at the nation's busiest international border crossing at San Ysidro (San Diego), California, and culminating at Blaine, Washington. This freeway connects all of the major population centers of the western seaboard, including San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Portland and Seattle. Via Interstates 580 and 505, Interstate 5 provides freeway connections to the populous San Francisco Bay Area.

A major problem with Intersection 5 is road conditions are often poor leading to a large number of highway pile up accident and head on collisions. If you have sustained injuries on a highway pile up contact our Los Angeles Highway Accident Lawyers for experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles today.

Other major California Freeways where highway accidents occur

  • Interstate 80 (I-80

  • Interstate 8 (I-8)

  • Interstate 580 (I-580)

  • Rout 91

  • US 101

  • Interstate 210 (I-210)


If you have sustained injuries on any California highway contact our aggressive Los Angeles Highway Accident Lawyer to schedule a FREE NO COST CONSULTATION at 1-424-256-9055.


We Fight To Recover Your Remedies


Based on the specifications of your case - the details of the accident, how severe your injury was, it is ultimately going to determine what you could be entitled to sustain based on your case. However, what you can be compensated for if your case prevails can often be put into several different categories.

The categories of compensation can include:

Medical bills: Should you win your case, you could be awarded compensation for medical bills you’ve had to pay as a result of your injury. This includes both past and future bills stemming from the injury, and can potentially cover expenses such as transport or in-home rehabilitation services.

Lost wages: Lost wages can be awarded if your injury has caused significant missed time at work, or has made you unable to perform your job. You could be entitled to even more lost wages if the injury leaves you permanently disabled and unable to find consistent work.

Pain and suffering: In some cases, the damages endured from physical pain and emotional suffering can be compensated to pay for therapy treatments.

Punitive damages: Punitive damages are awarded in more extreme cases, wherein the injury was caused by someone’s recklessness. They are awarded to try and dissuade the defendant and others from acting with that level of recklessness again.

You Don’t Pay Until You Win.

Contact an experienced Highway Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles to schedule a free, no obligation initial case evaluation at 1-424-256-9055. Our Pure Comparative Negligence Accident attorney will help protect your rights. And remember, You Don’t Pay until You Win, or You Don’t Pay At All!

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