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Helicopter Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

Helicopters are the ultimate urban aircraft. They have the ability to fly where regular airplanes cannot; this in essence makes it ideal for monitoring a police chase & rush hour traffic, landing on top of buildings and of course serving as air ambulances. They are able to operate in close quarters and do not require the large amount of space that a commercial airliner or cargo jet needs to take off and land. Because of that people and property nearby as well as passengers and crew can be in danger of a helicopter crash and even a wrongful death.

Helicopter Accident Rate Statistics

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) showed that there were more than 140 civil helicopter accidents in 2008, with nearly 30 of them proving to be fatal. This led to an accident rate of 3.67 per 100,000 flying hours and 1.22 per 100,000 departures. International statistics show that over 35% of the helicopter accidents occur in this country alone. For every 100,000 miles traveled in flight, a helicopter has a 40% greatly likelihood of an accident than your average aircraft used for passengers and cargo. As accidents are continually on the rise, researchers note that in order to improve the safety on the fleet is to be more aware of what is taking place in the cockpits of the helicopters. The ability of the pilot to control the helicopter determines the safety, or lack thereof, of the occupants on board. When poor judgment is present, lives are placed at risk. Time and time again individuals are becoming the victims of human error in helicopter crashes.


Unfortunately, these accidents almost always lead to severe, life-threatening injuries. Although majority of people don’t think about helicopters when they think of aviation accidents, the helicopter accident rate in the US is 30 percent higher than general aviation accidents. Because of this the growing popularity of helicopter travel has contributed to a higher rate of helicopter accidents.


Helicopter Accidents Injuries


Helicopter accidents occurred are majorly fatal to the victims, as are many aviation accidents. The fatality rate in aviation accidents is much higher than most other types of accidents, even though there are fewer of them. Some of the severe injuries endured in a helicopter accident are amputation, paralysis and brain injury. Even the less severe injuries can cost thousands in medical bills and impair the victim’s ability to work, participate in family activities, and lead a normal life.


Conditions that can lead to a helicopter crash are similar to the causes of other aviation accidents. Some conditions can be inclement weather, operator error, or even defective helicopter parts can be major contributors to these devastating accidents. The complexities of air travel in the United States do nothing but complicate matters. With so many different entities involved in each takeoff, flight, and landing, communication can also be an issue. Air traffic controller errors, flight service negligence, maintenance or repair errors and violations of FAA regulations can all be contributing factors to helicopter disasters.

We Focus On Aviation Accidents


An experienced Los Angeles helicopter accident attorney can handle an aviation crash and accident case, and help you win significant awards at trial or during settlement negotiations. A Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer has the experience and knowledge needed to build a strong case for clients who lost a loved one in a helicopter accident or were injured themselves.

Factors in Helicopter Crash Cases


We handle helicopter accident cases arising from:

  • Poor maintenance

  • Pilot error

  • Weather

  • Manufacturing and design defects

  • Pad operator errors


Complexity of Helicopter Crash


An Helicopter crash litigation can be extremely complex and complicated, especially if its involving a lengthy investigation into the causes and circumstances of the crash and requiring extensive expert witness testimony and research. Although victims of helicopter crashes or the loved ones of those who wrongfully died in such a crash can seek damages and compensation for their injuries, the process can be arduous and confusing for the average individual or family member. Victims of these types of crashes are best served by contacting an experienced helicopter accident attorney in Los Angeles with the subject-specific expertise and track record it takes to prevail in court.

The right helicopter crash lawyer can evaluate your case, help investigate its causes and negotiate between the many parties involved, from the operator to state licensing boards to insurance companies to manufacturers, airports and more. Contact an experience helicopter accident lawyer today at 1-424-256-9055.

We Fight To Recover Your Remedies

Based on the specifications of your case - the details of the accident, how severe your injury was, it is ultimately going to determine what you could be entitled to sustain based on your case. However, what you can be compensated for if your case prevails can often be put into several different categories.

The categories of compensation can include:

Medical bills: Should you win your case, you could be awarded compensation for medical bills you’ve had to pay as a result of your injury. This includes both past and future bills stemming from the injury, and can potentially cover expenses such as transport or in-home rehabilitation services.

Lost wages: Lost wages can be awarded if your injury has caused significant missed time at work, or has made you unable to perform your job. You could be entitled to even more lost wages if the injury leaves you permanently disabled and unable to find consistent work.

Pain and suffering: In some cases, the damages endured from physical pain and emotional suffering can be compensated to pay for therapy treatments.

Punitive damages: Punitive damages are awarded in more extreme cases, wherein the injury was caused by someone’s recklessness. They are awarded to try and dissuade the defendant and others from acting with that level of recklessness again.

You Don’t Pay Until You Win.

Contact an experienced Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer to schedule a free, no obligation initial case evaluation at 1-424-256-9055. Our Los Angeles Helicopter Accident Lawyer will help protect your rights. And remember, You Don’t Pay until You Win, or You Don’t Pay At All!

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