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Fatal Hit and Run Attorney in Los Angeles

One of the worst things about a hit and run accident is that the at-fault driver doesn’t even bother to stick around and see whether the people he or she hit are injured. In many hit and run cases, a witness at the scene will write down the tag number of the vehicle that leaves the scene. Law enforcement officers will then visit the home or business of the registered owner of the vehicle in hopes of getting a confession. In many of these cases, the investigating officer knows that without a confession, there is no way to make an arrest.
There are many reasons why people flee the scene of an accident – but that never makes it okay. In fact, California law requires people to stay put after any accident (even a minor one).

Cause of Drivers Doing a Hit and Run

People leave the scene for a variety of reason. Some people are worried about being DUI or have a suspended license. In some cases, the person doesn’t know that the crash occurred or thought that no damage occurred.

Sometimes a driver just succumbs to an instinct to “take flight” even though the driver knows that remaining at the scene is the right thing to do. No matter the reason, it is always better to remain at the scene and deal with the consequences.

Types of “Leaving the Scene” Crimes and Penalties

  • California law provides a magnitude of laws pertained with different types of hit-and-run crimes (often called the hit-and-skip). 

  • Common examples of penalties are the following:

  • Misdemeanor hit and run with property damage only (either attended property or unattended property) under CVC 20002;

  • Hit and run with injury under CVC 20001(b)(1);

  • Felony hit and run with permanent and serious injury under CVC 20001(b)(2);

  • Felony hit and run with death under CVC 20001(b)(2); and

  • Vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence.

Body Property Hit and Run Accident

  • Penalties for Hit and Run with Property Damage under CVC 20002

  • If you are charged with hit and run resulting in only property damage under CVC 20002, then the charge is a misdemeanor.

  • up to three years of informal probation; an

  • a requirement that you must pay restitution in full while on probation; and

  • incarceration for up to six months in jail; and

  • a fine of up to $1,000.


In addition to the penalties the court will impose at sentencing, the conviction will trigger the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to add at least two points to your driving record.

How Do You Find Out Who’s Responsible?

When a driver leaves the scene of an accident, it’s tough to figure out who is responsible – you generally have to wait for police to conduct an investigation and find the other car’s driver. In the best-case scenario, you’re able to get the at-fault driver’s license plate number or other identifying information.

What if the Crash was Not My Fault?

California law imposes duties upon a driver of a vehicle who knows that he or she has been involved in an accident which has resulted in death or injury to any person. Those duties are not affected by the cause of, or the blame for, the accident. If the driver willfully fails to perform any of those duties, he or she is guilty of a crime, regardless of whether the accident was caused by her or her own or another’s negligence or by the concurrent negligence of two or more persons, or was unavoidable.

What You Need to Prove in a Hit and Run Case

If you can determine who hit you and left the scene, you can use that information to further your case. However, if you can’t, you may need to rely on your own auto insurance company to provide you with coverage.

A hit and run case is similar to any other car accident case. You and your lawyer will need to prove that the person who hit you was being negligent or careless. Fortunately, in many cases, leaving the scene of an accident is a strong indicator of guilt.

Working with a Hit and Run Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

Recovering for your losses can be challenging since you don’t know the identity of the person who caused your injuries and can’t turn to their insurance company for compensation. 

If you have been injured as a motor driver in a hit-and-run accident, you want an experienced Hit and Run lawyer to protect your interests. Successfully helping you document the facts, talk to witnesses, examine police reports and other evidence.  
 A Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer can also negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to help you the obtain the compensation you deserve.

We Fight To Recover Your Remedies

Based on the specifications of your case - the details of the accident, how severe your injury was, it is ultimately going to determine what you could be entitled to sustain based on your case. However, what you can be compensated for if your case prevails can often be put into several different categories.

The categories of compensation can include:

Medical bills: Should you win your case, you could be awarded compensation for medical bills you’ve had to pay as a result of your injury. This includes both past and future bills stemming from the injury, and can potentially cover expenses such as transport or in-home rehabilitation services.

Lost wages: Lost wages can be awarded if your injury has caused significant missed time at work, or has made you unable to perform your job. You could be entitled to even more lost wages if the injury leaves you permanently disabled and unable to find consistent work.
Pain and suffering: In some cases, the damages endured from physical pain and emotional suffering can be compensated to pay for therapy treatments.

Punitive damages: Punitive damages are awarded in more extreme cases, wherein the injury was caused by someone’s recklessness. They are awarded to try and dissuade the defendant and others from acting with that level of recklessness again.

No Recovery. No Pay.​

Contact an experienced Los Angeles Fatal Hit and Run Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles to schedule a FREE, no obligation initial case evaluation at 1-424-256-9055. Our Los Angeles Hit and Run Accident Lawyer will help protect your rights. And remember, You Don’t Pay until You Win, or You Don’t Pay At All!

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